Ronaldo now misses the penalty, said- regret will be over the age

Portugal’s match with Iran was not pleasant for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo missed the penalty on penalties, while Portugal lost the penalty in the second half in injury time, due to which he had to draw a 1-1 draw against the World Cup against Iran and now the European champion will face Uruguay in the final-16 Will happen. Records Quresema scored in the final minute of the first half in the Mordoviya Arena, giving Portugal a lead, but Iran got a penalty in the second half in the injections, which Karim Ansarifarad changed the goal to draw the match. In this way Portugal remained second in the group B after their neighboring Spain.

In the FIFA World Cup 2018 Monday (June 25), in the match of Group B, the audience saw such moments that can not be imagined. The match between Portugal and Iran saw sensation, thrill and unbelievability. Spain and Portugal teams have reached the next stage. But Portugal’s match with Iran was not pleasant for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, the world’s best football player, missed the penalty in the match. Portugal, who were 1-0 ahead, could lead Leed 2-0, but Ronaldo could not convert the penalty in the 53rd minute. Iran’s goalkeeper Ali Bernavad kept himself under control. They got an idea of ​​where Ronaldo is going to kill the ball. Real Madrid’s star Ronaldo was not able to beat Ali Portugal reached number two in Group B. 33-year-old Ronaldo said that he would be sorry to miss the penalty.


Let Ronaldo score a penalty from the video review in the second half, but the Real Madrid star failed to score on this. In this way, only four goals are recorded in the tournament in the tournament. Portugal will face Uruguay in Sochi on 30 June to make it to the quarter-finals, which was top of the table after winning all three matches in Group A. Ronaldo scored four goals in the first two games of Portugal.

Ronaldo had the chance to double the lead in the fifth half of the second half. He was ejected into the box by Ejetolahi and Portugal was given a penalty through Video Assistant Referee (VAr). Although Birenvand did not allow Portugal’s captain to score goals

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